Explaining ADHD to your child.

This free promotional presentation for Paramount's Executive Skills Program, offers knowledge about ADHD and an approach to discussing ADHD with courage and understanding. An introduction to the program is also presented.

Presented by: Dr. Kevin Owusu-Ansah


Dr. Kevin Owusu-Ansah

FRCPC, MB ChB, BSc (Hons)

Dr. Ansah is a UK trained, Canadian certified and fully licensed pediatrician.

As well as his practice in General Pediatric medicine he works as a specialist in BC Women & Children's Hospital's very own Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU). As founder, owner and medical director for the out-patient clinic Paramount Pediatrics, Dr. Ansah is in the care of children right from the newborn to the adolescent-adult transition stage. His practice involves care and attention of many children with behavioural, developmental and mental health problems. Executive skill function is a particular interest of Dr. Ansah, and he remains dedicated to help as many children who suffer from difficulties in this area of their lives.

"I believe that executive functioning skills are entities to be developed and children who may have dysfunction through ADHD are not to be thought of as needing to be fixed. These are atypical children in classrooms where many may not struggle as they do, but we must accept their neurodiversity and help them reach their full potential."

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